Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I feel like an awful blogger.

Hey babydolls!

It's been a long time and I can't believe that I haven't blogged since April. I will do better. :P So much has happened the past couple months. My boyfriend (well, we aren't together right now but, we act and talk like we are) finished basic training. He was gone since Feb-June so, yeah. We had a big falling out before he left but, now we are better than ever. He really makes me happy. :) I didn't believe that someone could make you feel so complete. He is better half. :) People think it's silly since we are young but, I really think he is my one & only. I've never felt like the way he makes me feel. I love him, a lot. Okay, I totally didn't meant to make this blog a love fest. lol. I'll move on.

Summer was pretty great. I love summer but, I really love fall. :) It's my favorite. I can't wait for October. It's probably my favorite month. lol. Something about the way it smells outside, leaves changing colors and falling, crisp cool breezes, pumpkins, just everything about it rocks! :)

My nail polish addiction is still going strong. 100 bottles and counting. I try to be a little choosy with my purchases. lol. My whole family laughs at me with my nail polish, my bf on the other hand doesn't say one word. He knows better :P Lately, I've been letting him pick the colors for my mani & pedi's. Of course, he can't physically pick them out since he lives 2000 miles away but, he tells me over text what to wear. lol. It's quite funny & he actually loves to pick. Silly boy.

Well, I better go change my polish now. Hopefully I'll start blogging on a regular basis. I think it might be easier if someone pushed me to blog. I get lazy on things like this, no matter how much I love it. lol. :P What's everyone been up to lately? I hope all is well. :)


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  1. Don't feel bad. I think this happens to everyone. Nice to you back!