Friday, April 22, 2011

Look out for the Quick Sand!

Hey everyone,

Today has been a ugly day. Rainy & windy. Yuckyyyy! I just did some shopping this morning, I hit up Kohl's & got 2 candles for $1.05 since the candles were 50% off & I had a $10 coupon. :) yay for deals! I'm burning one right now! Orange Vanilla, mmm. I also hit up Walmart to pick up bottoms for my new nail polish storage & cotton rounds. Then I went to Walgreen's, looking for the new L'Oreal's which they didn't have. I want them so bad. Someone should CP them for me. *wink wink* & then I went to Sally's for Acetone & B2G1 polishes! I got FP Lavender Highlight, ChG FFF, ChG Fairy Dust, ChG For Audrey, ChG Dorothy Who? & ChG Cyberspace. :) WOOOO! Other than going to town this morning, I've done nothing. I'm just flat out lazy today. lol.

There is my NOTD, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Quick Sand. I got Quick Sand at CVS on clearance for 50 cents! :) wooo.

I hope you guys had a great day :) Tell me your latest hauls!


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